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Available 3 to 4 business days

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The School model rescue Dummy from Ferron MP is made out of polyethylene. It is unbreakable and has a constant volume, even under water. Submerged, it weighs the regulatory 0,750 kg (1M deep). It has an anti-corrosion treated ring, allowing you to hang it up when storing and making it easy to transport. It has an opening at the bottom allowing it to be emptied easily when taken out of the water. The rescue dummy has 2 lested plugs at the back, the lower plug should never be unscrewed.


How to use the rescue dummy

To immerse the dummy, press the bottom of the dummy to allow water to enter through the opening at the bottom. To take the rescue dummy out of the water, hold the rescue dummy by its head or arms and pull it up so that the water can run through the opening at the bottom. The weighted model is consistent with the weight required for livesaving school examinations and for various championships.The rescue dummy is delivered to be used to a weight of 0,750kg. To use it at 0,500kg, unscrew the top, remove half of the ballast-lead and then screw the plug back on. To use the model at 0,250kg, unscrew the top plug, remove all the lead ballast and screw the plug back on.



  • Hight : 74cm
  • Length : 31cm
  • Width : 15cm 



Official Rescue Dummy School model 4 kg

The Ferron MP's orange School model Rescue Dummy meets the guidelines of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (France) for official school tests.




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