Our brand new company was established in july, 2014.
We are specialized in the online sales of the following products: Swimsuit, swim equipment, textile, bags, etc.
We propose our products to individuals, swimclubs, associations, etc.
A wide selection of original and inovative quality products are availalbe in our webshop.
We choose ourselves the products we sell, check the quality and inform you if / when products have received an official certification.
We created CALUNEA to offer a wide range of original products for all types of customers.
Our webshop is available in 3 languages:
- www.calunea.fr for our French speaking customers
- www.calunea.be for our Dutch speaking customers
- www.calunea.com for our international and English speaking customers
So, no need to wait any longer, it's time to check out what our e-shops have to offer.
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