Lifesaving fins with angle "SAVER ROCKET LEADERFINS"

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Lifesaving fins with angle"SAVER ROCKET LEADERFINS" - Yellow - Leaderfins

M       = 37 / 39 (EU)
L        = 40 / 42 (EU)
XL      = 43 / 44 (EU)
XXL    = 45 / 46 (EU)
XXXL = 47 / 48 (EU)

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  • Lifesaving fins with angle.
  • Get the new level of your potentiality in Lifesaving.
  • The angle (~22°) between the blade and footpockets makes your stroke more powerful at the same time that reduces the stress and work on your thighs. If you compare with other fins there are some innovations. You will notice that in order to obtain that the footpockets work like a natural extension of your legs.
  • The blades are made from high quality fiberglass.
  • The blade consists of 18-21 layers fiberglass constructed especially for fins producing, which provide extremely resilience and reactivity.
  • Foot pockets from soft rubber.
  • Neoprene socks protect your foot and make the fins more comfortable to wear. (included)
  • Fins lenght with foot pocket size XL ~ 63cm (XXXL ~ 65cm)
  • One pair fins weight ~ 2.3 kg, but you not feel fins weight in the water.
  • Our standards imply 4 levels of stiffness: soft, medium, hard and extra hard.
  • Fins have rubber wings for directing the water flow.
  • Fins accepted by the International Lifesaving Federation.
  • All Saver fins come with a one year warranty for materials and craftsmanship.
  • Fins made to order
  • Fins ship within +-7 days

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