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FLYER CARBON MONOFIN - Black - Leaderfins

Size guide:

M       = 37 / 39 (EU)
L        = 40 / 42 (EU)
XL      = 43 / 44 (EU)
XXL    = 45 / 46 (EU)


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  • Flyer carbon monofin with an angle in foot pocket ~ 7 degrees. Angle between the blade and foot pocket makes your kick more powerful.
  • The blade is made of a high quality multilayered carbon and fiberglass, which is considered to be the best for monofins manufacturing, and is extremely resilient and reactive.
  • Equipped with high quality footpockets from soft rubber.
  • Monofin (with foot size XL) dimensions ~ 72 x 70 centimeters.(width x length).
  • Monofin weight ~ 2,4 kg
  • This monofin is a great choice for finswimming, dynamic apnea and CWT freediving.
  • Monofin has negative buoyancy..
  • Neoprene socks protect your foot and make the fins more comfortable to wear.Neoprene socks protect your foot and make the fins more comfortable to wear. (Included)
  • Fins made to order
  • Fins ship within +-7 days


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