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Available in 2 to 3 business days

Available in 2 to 3 business days

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4-needles IHM cruciform wall-mounted seconds counter for swimming, identical to our classic 630B cruciform seconds counter but with reinforced IP65 sealing, ideal for outdoor use. Second counter for individual control by the swimmer of his own performance. Low voltage model with 62.5x62.5cm stainless steel frame, aluminum dial guaranteed anti-corrosion and anti-UV paint, flat acrylic glass that limits reflections

LED Lighting in option

4 needles (yellow, red, green, black)
Departure every 15 seconds / 1 turn/min
24V sunchronous motor / Power supply 230VAC - 50Hz
Metal steel case with anti-rust - Anti Chlorine treatment
Waterproof IP65 under shelter
Aluminium dial with special anti-UV paint
Flat acrylic glass - limits glare
Diameter : 625 x 625 x 100mm
15 Kg
To hang
Made in France.


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