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Floating aquafitness poolmat BEBOARD BECO

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The Beco BEBoard is a floating exercise mat for action-packed aqua fitness that’s great fun.
Perfect for yoga, Pilates and cardio training
For strengthening core muscles and improving balance
5 handles for assistance during exercises and for carrying
6 eyelets for securing and combining
Valve with safety seal for pressure up to 1 bar
Beco BEBoard: the floating exercise mat
The Beco BEBoard is an inflatable mat that provides you with an entirely new fitness experience – training on water. The inflatable board is 250 cm long and 90 cm wide, providing plenty of space for yoga, Pilates, core-training or cardiovascular exercises. With a thickness of 15 cm, and thanks to its layered construction and the stabilisation bands incorporated into the air chamber, the mat is completely stable and does not bow or twist during exercises. The Beco BEBoard’s exercise mat and standing area is made of non-slip EVA. In addition, its handles allow you to attach resistance bands and opens up a wider range of exercises. The Tool Strapper allows you to secure your training equipment or anything else you need. Particularly practical: there are eyelets on the sides of the board, allowing you to secure it to the edge of the pool or the water’s edge.
Product information:
Material: 5-layer technology
Size : 90 x 250 x 15cm
Length of the exercise mat: 180cm
Weight: 12 kg
The Beco BEBoard’s 5-layer technology:
Single-layer underside made of 0.7-mm-thick PVC
Drop-stitch core is very tear-resistant and can withstand high loads
The PVC backing material and core allow the board to retain its shape
Double-layer surface made of 0.7-mm-thick PVC per layer, increases the BEBoard’s stability
Exercise mat made of 5-mm-thick EVA foam for a comfortable yet safe positioning during training
Floating fitness
Floating fitness is the latest trend! And with the Beco BEBoard you can experience fitness on water in a completely new way. As a dynamic surface, water provide the optimal conditions for sensory motor training. This leads to improved control over muscles and the way they interact. Whether its for yoga, Pilates or cardio training, floating fitness makes use of every muscle group to balance out the movements of the board itself. This improves muscle coordination and equally improves your sense of balance through the use of small stabilisation muscles. This in turn leads to a higher level of perception and general body control.
Please ensure that BEBoards are attached together and to the edge of the pool using ropes. In addition, there should be a minimum of 150 cm between the board and the pool edge. If there are multiple boards on the water, they should be positioned approx. 1 m apart.

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