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FLOATING FINS FINIS Palmes de natation longues FLOATING FINS FINIS Palmes de plongée longues


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The FINIS Floating Fins increase leg strength and help athletes swim at faster speeds. With its long, hydrodynamic blade, the Floating Fins add propulsion to flutter and butterfly kick. Buoyancy from the fins lifts the legs to the surface reducing drag from the rest of the body. The Floating Fins' closed heel design provides protection against overflexion of the ankles and increases comfort. Great for all ages and all levels of swimming the Floating Fins are color-coded by size from the shoe size Junior 8 to Adult 14. Made of soft floatable rubber the Floating Fins will not sink in either fresh or salt water, making them ideal for open water and pool training.

Floats in fresh and salt water
Keeps legs buoyant to reduce body drag
Long Fin
Adds extra power to kick and builds leg strength
Closed Heel
Reduces chance of hyperflexion of the ankle
Color-coded sizes
Makes it easier to find proper fitting fins
Size Range
From kids size 24 to adult size 47
100% Rubber
No clay additives



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