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Rescue dummy Adult 8kg Grey Mannequin de sauvetage Gris Adulte 8kg Compétitions Sauvetage Homologué en France


Réf : 5000


Ships in 3 to 4 business days

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The Adult rescue Dummy from Ferron MP is made out of polyethylene. It is unbreakable and has a constant volume, even under water. Submerged, it weighs the regulatory 1Kg500 (1M deep). It has an anti-corrosion treated ring, allowing you to hang it up when storing and for easy transport. It has an opening at the bottom allowing it to be emptied easily when it is taken out of the water. To facilitate learning how to use the rescue dummy, the adult model can be adapted to reduce the weight with an ingenious system of integrated ballast-lead. Thus it can be used at a weight of 1Kg immersed by unscrewing the cap from the top, removing the ballast and reclosing the cap.


How to use the rescue dummy

To immerse the dummy, press the bottom of the dummy to allow water to enter through the opening at the bottom. To take the rescue dummy out of the water, hold the rescue dummy by its head or arms and pull it up so that the water can run through the opening at the bottom. The lested model is conform to the weight required for the National Certificate of Swimming Teaching  (National Lifeguard Award) lifeguard award for summer camps, school lifesaving certificates and various championships.

Official Rescue Dummy adult model 8 kg

The grey adult rescue dummy weighing 8kg is compliant to the requirements of the swimming teaching certificate, lifeguard certificates as well as for various championships.




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