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Men's Triathlon Wetsuit ULTIMATE TORRENT MAKO

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The culmination of more than 3 years of research and development to obtain a product offering incredible freedom of movement and unrivaled performance. The addition of new materials, a better distribution of flotation, the addition of additional joint freedom zones have allowed us to further improve all the qualities that have made our wetsuits successful.
Neck, arms and shoulders: 1.5 mm Yamamoto 40 SCS Nano Jersey, ultra soft, allowing total freedom of movement.

Forearm: Shark Skin Grip for better control of movement and more “sensations” of the water to create and maintain support.

Cuffs: A fitted cut that limits water entry while allowing an ultra-quick transition.

Body, thighs and back: the combination of DOME CELL 5mm, Yamamoto 39 5mm and 2mm Yamamoto 39 yoke. All coated with SCS Nano.

Zip: invisible and reversed to minimize water entry

Calves, knees and sides: 3mm Yamamoto 39 SCS Nano.

Interior lycra jersey for greater comfort and faster transition on the body and legs.

Safety Tapes on tension areas of the arms and between the legs.

New technologies

A MAKO exclusive. Our new DOME Cell is made up of 2 elements: a new material that is lighter and more buoyant than classic neoprene combined with air cavities allowing increased flotation. Positioned in strategic locations, DOME Cell inserts offer an excellent position in the water, high targeted buoyancy (balanced bouyancy) and therefore exceptional performance.

Power Stretch: this highly elastic panel, positioned along the sternum and diaphragm, allows greater ease of breathing as well as greater freedom of movement on the upper body.

Run Stretch: Two very elastic neoprene bands positioned on the groin allow greater efficiency when running and therefore save time and energy during the transition.

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