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Kayak NASSAU - Orange - ZRay

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The kayak Zray Nassau is built with a Drop Stitch floor and walls of reinforced PVC coated nylon cover. The rigid floor offers a good slide when the PVC walls provide a unique stability to the board. Suitable for one or two people, this kayak sold in full pack will allow you to evolve rapidly.

Drop Stitch floor Lightweight and reinforced PVC Inflatable
Thousands of polyester son connect the two layers of PVC reinforced kayaking. Inflated under high pressure - 8 psi ground and and sides - these filaments are stretched and offer increased rigidity canoeing; it is technology Drop Stitch.

Although being very accessible price, Zray pays particular attention to the density of filaments of its boards for strength. The new Drop Stitch provides ultra-lightweight while increasing the rigidity of the kayak.

The strands are coated with a durable nylon cover to protect against punctures.

Included Accessories

  • Transport bag : Put your kayak easily deflated and various accessories inside the bag.
  • Double paddle : 2 double-bladed paddles 4 non-adjustable sections are included in each of the packs. The handle (220x3cm) and the blades (19x42cm) are made of high quality aluminum. A simple click system let you attach them.
  • Double flow pump : Innovative and effective, this pump is very easy to use. Inflate your inflatable kayak easily and quickly thanks to its dual action that can swell pushing and pulling.
  • Inflatable seat : Comfortable and durable, this inflatable seat is composed of four straps and clips, two on each side, in order to be securely attached to the kayak for a safety issue. With a back cushion (54 cm wide x 48 cm long) of high quality PVC, it will bring more support to the back during exercise.


  • Thickness width length : 406 x 94 x 24 cm
  • Number of passengers : 2
  • Number of tubes : 3
  • max weight. riders : 200 kg
  • Guarantee : 1 year

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