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Underwater dancing pole SHARKPOLE BECO

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The SharkPole is the ideal equipment for targeted training in water. Finally, certain muscle groups can be strengthened in isolation. Successes will occur quickly. It will strengthen the cardiovascular system. Flexibility and coordination as well as strength and endurance will be improved. The SharkPole is fixed to the stainless steel pole. You can practice on and around it. Especially for therapy and rehabilitation, the SharkPole is an indispensable training device. People with injuries, or who are uncertain can now move through the entire swimming pool.

•    12 suction cups for stable hold
•    180 cm pole made of stainless steel
•    Suitable for chlorinated and thermal water
•    Limitless training possibilities


Range of use

Aquatic fitness
Performance training


Training goal

Strength and ­endurance
Cardiovascular training


Water depth : 130 - 155 cm
Weight : 22 kg
The SharkPole is made out of AISI 316L stainless steal
Platform: PVC


Underwater dancing pole SharkPole - Red - Beco

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