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Elliptical pool bike ELLY WATERFLEX

Réf : WX-ELLY-01


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For a complete sport

The aquatic elliptical ELLY is full of very simple training device to use, combining the benefits of rowing, cross country skiing, stepper and cycling. It allows to request synchronously all body muscles. It is in fact about 80% of the muscles are solicited during exercise! The secret lies in its elliptical movement designed to replicate as closely as possible the natural motion of running while putting joints immune to shocks. 
The apparatus consists of an axle on which are fixed two long pedals themselves integral with two vertical grips (lever arms).

A fluid movement

Elly offers users a smooth movement obtained through the sealed ball bearings and pedal inclination angle for optimum leg work. The effort is supported by the lever arms to assocés wide perforated blades. The Elly creates a non-blocking or jerk resistance. 100% stainless steel, ELLY is compatible with all types of water (sea water, chlorinated water or bromine). Its wheels and low weight make it very simple movement.

  • Material : 100% stainless steel AISI 316L marine.
  • Finish : Brushed steel treated agains corrosion
  • Resistance : Arm rockers with perforated blades to maximize strength.
  • Crank: High performance with ball bearings for submerged intensive use
  • Pedals : Pedals wide PVC used barefoot
  • Handlebar : Double handlebar ergnomics central fixed handlebars and handlebar oscillationg with scratch resistant handles
  • Settings : No
  • Technology : System wide perforated panels 
  • Wheels: Ball bearing on white wheels anti-scratch, easy movement.
  • Stability : White stability Skates & scratch resistant protective coating.
  • Coating: Suitable for all surfaces (liner, PVC tiles, shell, polyester ...).
  • Water type : Suitable for thermal waters, seawater and chlorinated water.
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Dimensions: L 56 x W 112 x H 175 cm
  • Depth: 0.90m to 1.50m
  • Warranty: 3 years for the steel structure. 6 months of wear parts.

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