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AQUABIKE WR5 ULTRA SPORT - Grey / Orange - Waterflex

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The water bike Ultra Sport
The Aquabike WR5 is the version the sportiest in its class. Designed in 316L stainless steel marine grade, so it is compatible with all types of water . This bike is characterized by unparalleled performance aquatic spinning release. It has a highly modular adjustment to fit all sizes . The double adjustable height / width of the saddle and handlebar ensures good seating without risk muscle. Designed to simplify your life, it offers a double marking seatpost and handlebar to identify the setting that suits you, of course ongoing.
Because comfortis not optional "Aquaspeed2" pedal has been selected to bring you a bare foot use very pleasant. Its ergonomic design increases the strength of your pedaling for more sports!
The space is always a challenge, we designed this range to take as little as possible while maintaining perfect stability .

New system Spinning Pro 2
The system " Spinning Pro 2 " of WR5 can precisely adjust the strength pedaling. Adjust the difficulty of exercise and personalize the effort from the sitting position by turning the knob. Simple and effective effort is well balanced. A buffer brake acts on a wheel 316L stainless steel of quality marine for unsurpassed efficiency. You can simulate the ribs ! Easy and intuitive, this allows Aquabike a high-level practice.

7 muscle groups
The WR5 can work endurance, keeping fit, work the cardiovascular system, work breathing capacity. It offers a complete and effective workout 7 muscle groups are used: mainly the quadriceps, calves and harmonious toning glutes, thighs and abdominals and upper body. This contributes to a refined and toned silhouette.

New pedals Aquaspeed 2
WR4 is equipped with new thermo-molded pedals AQUASPEED 2, with more anatomical fixed strap (36 to 44). They accentuate the resistance effect by strengthening the pedaling forward or backward. Its use is still bare foot for more comfort .

New handlebar Sports
With the new design of the handlebar, WR4 offers three positions different training to suit the needs of each: an option standard , an optional city bike and a position challenging race . The positions are more natural, easier grip for maximum comfort, especially in race position.

Superior ergonomics
The distance between the feet and the seat was reduced to a more realistic feel and so the aquabiker be more in harmony with his camera. Biomechanics has been respected to be sentence with the anatomy of each.

Drainage Express
The new perforating system, WR5 offers express drainage. This technical innovation is unprecedented, it is a revolution that lightens your Aquabike to facilitate basin outlets.

Marking Tag
A maximum comfort of the user has been achieved through the introduction of a new landmark marking used to change the position of the saddle and handlebars without disturbing the cyclist. A precise adjustment of the position is guaranteed by steps of 0.5 mm.


  • Material : 100% stainless steel AISI 316L marine.
  • Finish : Brushed steel with rustproofing.
  • Resistance : Unchaingeable resistance thanks to the design of the pedal Aquaspeed 2
  • Sadlle : Perforated PVC, anatomical design, seating comfort & easy maintenance.
  • Crank : Bearing stainless balls and rings seals.
  • Pedals : Anti-slip EVA perfectly adapted for barefoot biking
  • Handlebar : Ergonomic design with anti-scratch protection handles.
  • Settings : In height and depth of the handlebars and the saddle. In front and rear encroachments.
  • Wheels: Ball bearing on white wheels anti-scratch, easy movement.
  • Stability : White stability Skates & scratch resistant protective coating.
  • Coating: Suitable for all surfaces (liner, PVC tiles, shell, polyester ...).
  • Water type : Suitable for thermal waters, seawater and chlorinated water.
  • Tegtening: Innovative Decomposition Systems click & turn to an upright position, avoids injury.
  • Weight: 22.9 kg
  • Dimensions: L 55 x W 95 x H 155 cm
  • Depth: 1.10m to 1.50m
  • Warranty: 3 years for the steel structure. 6 months of wear parts.

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